Meet Heather

Master Mindset Coach | Workshop Facilitator

Hello! I am grateful to connect with you.

In my 20+ year marketing career, working in companies large and small, I have seen firsthand the tremendous opportunity we have to be the HERO of our story and transform cultures of productivity into cultures of fulfillment.

Our professional experiences begin and end with our personal behaviors, beliefs and identities. In order to create true culture change, we must first look at who we are being in all areas of our lives. It is our personal accountability that connects us to our vision. That connection is what creates incredible lasting change that inspires everyone around us.

I become a coach because I am the HERO of my story. Everyday, I take steps to Honor, Embrace, Respect and Own my truth.

I have earned multiple coaching certifications from Health Coach Institute; including the more intensive Master Transformation Coach certification. I am also a licensed Clarity and Culture Catalyst workshop facilitator - courses designed to help us create more fulfillment in our daily lives.

My approach in all areas of my work is grounded in curiosity, creativity and kindness.

I am trained in a variety of techniques and methodologies, including mindfulness, meditation and breath work. These tools cultivate self-trust and strengthen self-confidence so we can be the HERO of our full story, not just chapters of it.

When I'm not coaching, you can find me enjoying live music, writing, painting, or playing in the outdoors with my family.
With Gratitude,