You are the HERO of your story.

Honor, Empower, Respect, Own, Your Story

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1:1 experience custom tailored to support your unique HERO's journey.

The Clarity Catalyst

LIVE 8-week online workshop designed to help you find clarity, define your vision and embrace the HERO inside.

The Culture Catalyst

A corporate workshop designed to shift cultures of productivity to cultures of fulfillment.

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"Before coaching, I was somewhat scattered and unsure where to focus my attention. Throughout the entire process, Heather was non-judgemental and attentive. She really helped me focus on the “here and now” so I can flourish in the present."


Founder, Diva Dazzle Clothing

"Working with Heather was inspiring and motivating. I appreciated her candor - she isn’t afraid to tell me the stuff I don’t want to hear. Today, I do the things that make me happy and I don’t worry about the small stuff."


Founder, Stalking Music

Who is Heather?

As a master mindset coach, licensed workshop facilitator and passionate storyteller, I believe we are the HERO of our story. Whether I am helping a private client or hosting a workshop, my goal is to help you Honor, Embrace, Respect and Own your truth so you can create fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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