The Shift in Corporate Culture That Will Save The World

Corporate cultures are experiencing an epidemic of quiet quitting. According to a recent Gallup poll, 6 out of 10 employees are quietly quitting. Quiet quitting is defined as "employees continuing to put in the minimum amount of effort to keep their jobs, but won't go the extra mile for their employer." This may look like not speaking up in meetings, not volunteering for tasks, and refusing to work overtime.

The cost of the quiet quitting epidemic for organizations can be substantial. Missed financial goals, cultures of apathy, decreased employee retention, and countless resources spent recruiting and onboarding new employees. The global cost of quiet quitting is a collective apathy about all areas of life, leading to a socio-economic crisis. I don't know about you, but I see and feel the effects of this socio-economic crisis across various media and social media channels every day.

But it isn't all doom and gloom. Those six employees I mentioned earlier are recoverable with a simple, effective and sustainable antidote.

In a recent white paper published by O.C. Tanner titled, 5 Culture Trends for 2023, "employees want more from their work". Specifically, they want more fulfillment. The O.C. Tanner report describes four main factors that strongly influence fulfillment: 1) Community, Connection & Belonging; 2) Balance; 3) Growth; and 4) Purpose.

Essentially the antidote is shifting our corporate cultures from productivity to fulfillment, which is exactly what I help organizations do in The Culture Catalyst workshop. Based on the Stanford University Master’s degree program in mindfulness and emotional intelligence ("Creativity in Business"), The Culture Catalyst workshop teaches teams mindset tools and powerful relaxation techniques designed to improve work-life harmony, enhance creativity, deepen connections and develop purpose and clarity that positively impacts the entire organization.

When you shift corporate cultures from productivity to fulfillment, you shift the dynamics of organizations and increase profits. You also shift the global socio-economic dynamics, and, effectively, the course of world history. Essentially, fulfillment-driven cultures are the antidote that will save the world.

Are you ready to save the world? Connect with me to learn more.

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